Are You Looking For A Counsellor in Central London to Help You?

Video and Face2Face Therapy available

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There are many reasons why you may be seeking counselling including:

Relationship issues
Workplace conflict or stress
Confidence/Self Esteem
Parental Stress
Anger Management

Raising Performance at work
Managing relationships
Better communication with others
Post traumatic situations
Work boredom and redundancy

How Can I Help?

  • Helping you work out what’s most important in life
  • Identifying an issue that is affecting your day-to-day life
  • Helping you to make important decisions when you are  not sure what to do next
  • Developing good communication strategies

I work with clients who are seeking help to affect long term change.

I am an experienced senior accredited counsellor. I offer therapy in a private and confidential setting in Central London. We explore and acknowledge difficult feelings in a supportive and gentle environment. I work with my clients to find perspective and containment with difficult and stressful situations whilst supporting your change.

How I can help you

My Approach

My therapeutic approach is integrative. Originally trained as a Psychodymanic Therapist I now also use CBT (cognative behavioural therapy), EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing) and EFT (emotional freedom therapy) within the core of my work. This enables me to use a variety of counselling methods for different day-to-day, workplace and parenting issues including:

Workplace issues
Relationship problems
Anger Management
Self esteem and confidence

Parenting challenges
Public speaking and presentations