How I Can Help

I practise in a traditional, face to face, integrative style.   I also use CBT,  EMDR and EFT in my work. I offer both empathy and rationale whilst gently challenging my clients to achieve real, lasting change. As a professionally trained counsellor I work with you to establish a true perspective with difficult and painful feelings.

The purpose of working together is to affect long term change.

Specialising in issues such as workplace stress, personal issues such as relationship and parenting, I adapt my approach to suit your individual needs.

I provide a quiet, private and confidential place in which we can explore, acknowledge and change difficult feelings in a supportive, and gentle environment. Working both with individuals and couples on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, the aim is to enable you to enjoy your life and to live it fully.

When can counselling help?

Counselling can help at times of stress, relationship breakdown, parenting issues, trauma or workplace problems.

While it can be really helpful to talk to someone you know and trust, you may feel more comfortable confiding in a counsellor who is removed from your personal situation and is therefore more objective. Also, giving space and time to talk will help you to work through and resolve the issues.


I have many years experience in dealing with workplace stress be it relationship, returning to work or deadlines.  I offer support and strategies to manage and solve these situations, leaving you to work at your most effective.


London life can put relationships under strain whether they are at the beginning, middle or end (and also when new additions come along!) Having easy and supportive strategies to cope can make all the difference to managing relationships.

Being a parent and working is not easy – there is no manual!

75% of families have two working parents. This brings its own unique stresses. Understanding and having skills to manage these stresses enables a calm and happy family life. This, in turn, greatly contributes to our work effectiveness.

Parenting does not come with a manual! I specialise in working with parents in all areas from helping to juggle work/life/parenting balance to returning to work after maternity leave. I work either individually or in couples, workshops and seminars.

By offering weekday and evening appointments I can be flexible around your busy London life.


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